My first Kickstarter‬ project has been launched!
I have sometimes been skeptical about crowdfunding‬ but I finally decided that I WANT to try it, and succeed! (hopefully).
I know Clutches‬ (Hyphen Records)has just been released but I think it is a very good period to start thinking about the next step, and make it a great one.
Please give it a look and share it among your friends, I'll keep you posted on the progress of the project via Emmanuele Gattuso facebook page.

This video is a filming of the soundcheck at Die Backerei in Innsbruck in may 2015 by Tummelplatz crew.

Direct link to the project :

"Clutches" is now available for download.
You can listen to it in its entirety on bandcamp, it's sold at the very reasonable price of 6,00 € because it took me so long to finish it and because it's actually a collection of unreleased tracks that I have recorded and edited during a year and a half, also featuring live excerpts.
The reason is also that I'm working on a new solo project that I've presented last week @ Noon City exhibit and that will be my new goal in this musical journey.
Enjoy and share freely.

Released through Hyphen Records.
"Clutches" by Emmanuele Gattuso is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Written and performed by Emmanuele Gattuso.
Produced by Emmanuele Gattuso, (+ Raffaele Bassetti on "Shithole").
Artwork by (OvO)/Liquidnight (